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Best Sellers

  • Good service...Great tasting coffee. Even the decaf is amazing!
    S MasonDelighted Customer
  • The coffee is delicious. What's not to like. I'd recommend Brown Bear to anyone.
    H KinninDelighted Customer
  • The coffee is tremendous, and very reasonably priced compared to the majority of comparable tasting coffees I have purchased elsewhere in the past. Fab and friendly customer service too!
    Nicholas DownesDelighted Customer
  • Brilliant! Speedy delivery, amazing products and good customer service will definitely be ordering from again.
    Samantha BondAnother Delighted Customer
  • Great coffee there before you know it. The coffee tastes great, the delivery is so quick, I'm not sure how it's even possible. Highly recommended.
    Ryan FulfordDelighted Customer
  • Just fabulous! Fantastic coffee! Fantastic Service! Wonderful Products! Quick Delivery! Say no more. Brown Bear is gorgeous! If there was a 6 star option they would have achieved it!
    Lyn SmithDelighted Customer
  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Another happy Mambo Italiano fan! Love this coffee with it’s rich and dark roast flavour, it never gets boring! 🙂

  • Brown Bear Cool Brazil Swiss Water Decaf Coffee.

    Cool Brazil Decaf Coffee

    Tried this coffee and then went back to an old one that we used to buy from Waitrose. Can honestly taste the difference and now I’m back to drinking Brown Bear as the taste is definitely worth it, even though the price is slightly more, but not by much. The taste is kinda chocolately and it goes really nicely with milk or occasionally I’ve had it black. Very smooth and not bitter.

  • Brown Bear Real Colombia Coffee

    Real Colombia Coffee

    Juicy coffee! Colombian coffees tend to be a favourite of mine. I’ve tasted only a couple that I prefer over Brown Bear’s Real Colombia.

    Rachel Grey
  • Brown Bear Sweet Brazil Coffee

    Sweet Brazil Coffee

    When I say not strong enough I mean it doesnt have quite the dark roast that I like. I’m not saying its horrible but I think its probably better black with no milk and perhaps for those that like ‘weaker’ or milder blends. I prefer a coffee that shakes me in the morning haha!

    Julia D.
  • Brown Bear Cub Espresso Coffee

    Cub Espresso Coffee

    Though not my favourite of Brown Bear’s coffees, these are better than most beans I’ve tried. quite dark with a pretty deep flavour.

    Jessica Myla
  • Brown Bear Original Blend Beans 227g

    Original Blend Coffee

    I love this coffee! I recently purchased an Aeropress and have really enjoyed exploring various brewing methods – I’m somewhat of a geek. I found my best method for brewing, and then I found this coffee! It is so tasty. Full of flavour, body, and without bitterness. I also purchased Espresso Cub, but this is by far my favourite. I ordered beans, and the zen like process of grinding, brewing, pouring then drinking, is a real pleasure during a hectic workday. You won’t be disappointed.

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