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Best Sellers

  • Excellent coffee and service at a great price, I have been using Brown Bear for about a year now having tried many others and this is the best coffee I've ever tasted, highly recommended.
    Kevin ScottDelighted Customer
  • Barista coffee at excellent prices! I have tried coffee from various sources and can honestly say Brown Bear is superb! Service excellent, price excellent, coffee even better!
    IanDelighted Customer
  • Great coffee and absolutely cracking customer service; a rarity in itself these days. Some big name businesses could certainly learn a thing or two from this set up about how to treat customers.
    L ShortDelighted Customer
  • Brilliant! Speedy delivery, amazing products and good customer service will definitely be ordering from again.
    Samantha BondAnother Delighted Customer
  • Fabulous! Good service and speedy delivery.
    Carolyn Fowler-TimmsDelighted Customer
  • Awesome coffee! Out of all the coffee I have tasted, Brown Bear is the best by far! In particular Blue Mountain and Sweet Brazil 🙂
    Adam RedstoneDelighted Customer
  • Brown Bear Sweet Brazil Coffee

    Sweet Brazil Coffee

    Really gorgeous coffee. Not too darlky roasted and i find it just right with a little bit of milk and you can honestly taste that nuttiness of the bean. Lovely and very happy with Brown Bear’s service as always…

  • Brown Bear Real Colombia Coffee

    Real Colombia Coffee

    Nice and bright, a little fruity which I quite like and drink it black. Probably best to have this one black as you can taste the different notes. Could possibly be a little acidic for some but I quite like that in a coffee.

  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    My favourite Brown Bear coffee! Dark and rich with a slight bitter twist, awesome! Just bought the 1kg bag size to stock up for Easter.

  • Brown Bear Coffee Selection Subscription

    Coffee Subscription

    A great service, coupled with great coffee and customer serivce. What more can you ask for really?

    David N.
  • Brown Bear Cool Brazil Swiss Water Decaf Coffee.

    Cool Brazil Decaf Coffee

    I’ve tried a few decaffeinated coffees in my time and once I knew about swiss water decaf, I immediately changed to brands that did it this way due to health reasons. I really like this Brown Bear decaf, definitely ticks all the right boxes and not too pricey.

  • Brown Bear Coffee Selection Subscription

    Coffee Subscription

    Brown Bear’s service is always top notch as well as their coffee. Highly recommended!

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