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  • Excellent coffee and service at a great price, I have been using Brown Bear for about a year now having tried many others and this is the best coffee I've ever tasted, highly recommended.
    Kevin ScottDelighted Customer
  • ...the coffee is excellent. Bought a bundle for myself, and so impressed bought another bundle a couple of weeks later as a present for my coffee loving father in law. Both deliveries extremely quickly dispatched...
    Derren BallDelighted Customer
  • Brilliant! Speedy delivery, amazing products and good customer service will definitely be ordering from again.
    Samantha BondAnother Delighted Customer
  • Very happy with my purchases with Brown Bear. I've tried all their coffees and haven't found one I don't like. Their website is great and easy to navigate. Coffee always arrives in time. Definitely recommend 🙂 Also, they're called Brown Bear and I love bears!
    PhilDelighted Customer
  • This is my third time ordering from Brown Bear. Their coffee is delicious and their customer service is great...great reward scheme and discounts, and speedy delivery.
    RebeccaDelighted Customer
  • My beans arrived really quickly, were well packaged and taste amazing. Even the prices are good. I honestly have no complaints and plan on using Brown Bear from now on!
    Ailsa RichardsonDelighted Customer
  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano is still my favourite and yet to find a coffee bean that will beat it. Although I have pretty much stopped searching.

    David N.
  • Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Coffee

    Blue Mountain Coffee

    Our family’s firm favourite! Blue Mountain is just great, smooth and oh so tasty! I sound like an ad for BB but I just love waking up to this every morning and having my latte in the afternoon! Oh and brilliant service from Brown Bear each and every time we order.

    Ruth G
  • Brown Bear Cub Espresso Coffee

    Cub Espresso Coffee

    Cub espresso was introduced to me by a colleague who had only good things to say about it. I gave it a try along with another brown bear blend. It’s certainly a great espresso. I get the beans and grind in my bean to cup machine and it normally produces a great crema and tastes superb. Not as darkly roasted as some espresso blends which I personally like.

    Cub Fan
  • Brown Bear Cool Brazil Swiss Water Decaf Coffee.

    Cool Brazil Decaf Coffee

    Another fan of this decaf coffee, no bitterness and just right in the evening when you get a craving for coffee.

    Jack F.
  • Brown Bear Cool Brazil Swiss Water Decaf Coffee.

    Cool Brazil Decaf Coffee

    Especially like the fact that this is swiss water decaffeinated. I’d say it’s probably the best decaf coffee around. Certainly, that I’ve tasted.

  • Brown Bear Coffee Selection Subscription

    Coffee Subscription

    I wanted a coffee subscription that was flexible but obviously I needed to enjoy the coffee too. I find Brown Bear has the best ‘range’ in terms of taste and roast strength (I prefer more chocolatey/caramelly than acidic) and I opted for a fortnightly subscription of their dark roasts. I simply love it and I’m now not sure how I did without it to be honest, although it’s probably bordering on a luxury. I thought I’d leave a review because I was undecided on which coffee subscription service to use and for me personally, BB seem to have got the price and quality of the coffee just right!

    Charles A
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