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  • Great coffee there before you know it. The coffee tastes great, the delivery is so quick, I'm not sure how it's even possible. Highly recommended.
    Ryan FulfordDelighted Customer
  • Absolutely fabulous. I've put the instant coffee in the bin.
    Anne DurrantDelighted Customer
  • ...the coffee is excellent. Bought a bundle for myself, and so impressed bought another bundle a couple of weeks later as a present for my coffee loving father in law. Both deliveries extremely quickly dispatched...
    Derren BallDelighted Customer
  • Excellent coffee, especially the Italiano. Best coffee I have ever tasted. Quick delivery too. Smarter than the average bear.
    HoggyDelighted Customer
  • My beans arrived really quickly, were well packaged and taste amazing. Even the prices are good. I honestly have no complaints and plan on using Brown Bear from now on!
    Ailsa RichardsonDelighted Customer
  • This is my third time ordering from Brown Bear. Their coffee is delicious and their customer service is great...great reward scheme and discounts, and speedy delivery.
    RebeccaDelighted Customer
  • Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Coffee

    Blue Mountain Coffee

    Delightfully smooth, everyone who has been to mine and tasted this coffee has ordered some for themselves it is that good! You can really taste the bean with this one unlike a lot of other coffe’s out there.

  • Brown Bear Sweet Brazil Coffee

    Sweet Brazil Coffee

    My wife’s favourite in our house…

  • Brown Bear New Latin Coffee Blend.

    New Latin Coffee

    I’m a huge fan of Mambo so maybe a little biased. This is a definiteyl a great coffee but it’s smoother than Mambo and not as dark so although I’ll probably get it again I might have to revert back to Mambo for that additional roast flavour. Beans are not as dark or oily as Mambo Italiano either but like I say, a very very nice coffee and it’s definitely dark!!

  • Brown Bear La Vida Blend

    La Vida Coffee

    Spotted this on Facebook, gave it a try and now I’m hooked. Such a beautiful flavour with a nice full body. I enjoy it both black and with cream/milk.

  • Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Coffee

    Blue Mountain Coffee

    Lovely day-time (anytime) drinking coffee that I pair with shortbread. A good starting point with Brown Bear’s coffee range.

  • Brown Bear Cub Espresso Coffee

    Cub Espresso Coffee

    Though not my favourite of Brown Bear’s coffees, these are better than most beans I’ve tried. quite dark with a pretty deep flavour.

    Jessica Myla
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