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  • The coffee is tremendous, and very reasonably priced compared to the majority of comparable tasting coffees I have purchased elsewhere in the past. Fab and friendly customer service too!
    Nicholas DownesDelighted Customer
  • Very happy with my purchases with Brown Bear. I've tried all their coffees and haven't found one I don't like. Their website is great and easy to navigate. Coffee always arrives in time. Definitely recommend 🙂 Also, they're called Brown Bear and I love bears!
    PhilDelighted Customer
  • Utterly excellent service. Really went that extra mile. Unbelievably helpful, and really were a pleasure to deal with.
    Crae CaldwellDelighted Customer
  • We say "do you want a brown bear" when we put the kettle on! Whatever your taste in coffee there's one to suit.
    Sally BarberDelighted Customer
  • Simply brilliant...I had a very slight hiccup with my first order, but is was one Brown Bear could not have known of. It was immediately fixed and my order was with me the next morning. The coffee is great and I will definitely be going back. Seriously couldn't recommend them highly enough.
    Scott FarrellDelighted Customer
  • It is awesome to find an independent retailer who is slicker than a big corporate company. First class and full of caffeine!!
    Lucy BrownhillDelighted Customer
  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    This is one of the best beans I have used for Freddo Cappuccino (something like a cold/ iced cappuccino). Initially the deep aroma and heavy taste cuts through the milk in a magnificent way; as ice, milk and espresso mix into one, the taste evolves into something more full-bodied and homogenous with the coffee taste still being distinctive. Really excellent beans.
    Unfortunately I did not like the espresso or the Freddo (iced) espresso very much -not that it was bad- but maybe I prefer my espresso more “delicate”. I should have removed a star for this, but the Freddo Cappuccinos made with these beans are so good that they certainly make up for everything else 🙂

  • Brown Bear Original Blend Beans 227g

    Original Blend Coffee

    ok, nothing remarkable – preferred Cub Espresso – on to Latin next!

  • Brown Bear Breakfast Blend Coffee

    Breakfast Blend Coffee

    One of the main issues I’ve had in the past with coffees is that they’re a bit harsh or strong for want of a better word, to my taste. This is the first coffee that I’ve found which is a really mild roast (number 1) and I find it absolutely perfect for me. Some people will find it ‘weak’ or not strong enough, but I find it just right….perfect with or without milk. Love the cute bear too!

    Jen G
  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Fantastic! I love this coffee, it is strong but not bitter. A lovely start to the day, and I used some to make a great tiramasu too!! I was really impressed with the delivery time, even though I chose the “no rush” option, it came a couple of days later, which was brilliant! Only have one “negative” point, and that is that there was no instructions on the packet to suggest how long to brew it in my cafetiere. Thanks Brown Bear!

  • Brown Bear Blue Mountain Blend Coffee

    Blue Mountain Coffee

    Delightfully smooth, everyone who has been to mine and tasted this coffee has ordered some for themselves it is that good! You can really taste the bean with this one unlike a lot of other coffe’s out there.

  • Brown Bear Coffee Selection Subscription

    Coffee Subscription

    Good service and on time with good tasting coffee.

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