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Best Sellers

  • An eye opener. I've just been getting into coffee and tried plenty of local roasters but these guys are amazing. The coffee is superb, service is great. Ended up signing up for a subscription, every brew is a pleasure.
    Ben HarrisDelighted Customer
  • We tried various different online coffee shops to buy our beans from, and after we found brown bear with their loyalty scheme and amazing coffee we instantly stopped ordering from the others! Great customer service too and speedy responses.
  • We say "do you want a brown bear" when we put the kettle on! Whatever your taste in coffee there's one to suit.
    Sally BarberDelighted Customer
  • My beans arrived really quickly, were well packaged and taste amazing. Even the prices are good. I honestly have no complaints and plan on using Brown Bear from now on!
    Ailsa RichardsonDelighted Customer
  • Excellent coffee and service at a great price, I have been using Brown Bear for about a year now having tried many others and this is the best coffee I've ever tasted, highly recommended.
    Kevin ScottDelighted Customer
  • The coffee is delicious. What's not to like. I'd recommend Brown Bear to anyone.
    H KinninDelighted Customer
  • Brown Bear La Vida Blend

    La Vida Coffee

    My absolute new favourite! So much flavour in here, especially using the AeroPress or as an espresso! Lovely coffee……

  • Brown Bear Cub Espresso Coffee

    Cub Espresso Coffee

    Using an aeropress with 2 scoops and topped up with hot water this makes a perfect coffee. I drink it black and the flavour just keeps getting better as the coffee cools down. Some of the other coffees have more fruity flavours but with they aren’t as strong and robust a coffee.

  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Dark, glossy beans produce a slightly smoky taste that wonders great as an Americano. Espresso comes out strong and with a lovely crema. What a great blend!

  • Brown Bear New Latin Coffee Blend.

    New Latin Coffee

    This is great coffee. I ground whole beans and used in my stovetop espresso maker. No bitterness or harshness and yes it really does have a buttery, chocolate flavour. Try it!

  • Brown Bear Coffee Selection Subscription

    Coffee Subscription

    Chose Brown Bear for a regular coffee delivery as quite simply i just love their coffees. Nothing fancy, just good tasting coffee and a good mix of stuff. Easy subscription setup and looks like it’s easy to change coffees too but haven’t tried this yet.

  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Some of my favourite beans to drink! Really lovely flavour and nice and dark!

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