Mambo Italiano Coffee


by Brown Bear Coffee


Our Brown Bear®  Mambo Italiano coffee is a wonderfully dark coffee that produces a balanced sweet flavour. It’s at it’s best when used for cappuccinos and lattes as the flavours transfer well with milk. The three core origins have been lovingly crafted together to add a new dynamic to the traditional Italian coffee.


1kg, 227g


Whole Beans, Ground

Roast Strength

Dark Roast

Country of Origin

Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Latin America

Coffee Type



Amazingly fresh coffee beans
Brown Bear’s freshly roasted coffee beans are packed and heat-sealed into our coffee bags to keep the beany goodness and flavour inside.

Freshly ground coffee
Our fresh, pre-ground coffee is a simple, convenient option if you don’t have a home grinder. The coffee grind coarseness (our Omni grind) is perfect for cafetières (French press), drip filters and can also be used in the Aeropress, Moka pots and coffee percolators. We’d always recommend whole beans for absolute freshness but if you do opt for pre-ground, it’s always best to keep in an airtight container, away from light and use as quickly as possible.

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