Cool Brazil Decaf Coffee

Cool Brazil Decaf Coffee

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Decaffeinated using the unique Swiss Water® process, Brown Bear™ Cool Brazil is smooth with a creamy body, notes of dark cocoa and a hint of walnut. Subtle acidity and a clean finish, it is a rounded and well balanced coffee.


Earn up to 110 Beans.


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  1. I’ve tried a few decaffeinated coffees in my time and once I knew about swiss water decaf, I immediately changed to brands that did it this way due to health reasons. I really like this Brown Bear decaf, definitely ticks all the right boxes and not too pricey.

  2. Not a great deal to say but it is a nice decaf coffee…

  3. Especially like the fact that this is swiss water decaffeinated. I’d say it’s probably the best decaf coffee around. Certainly, that I’ve tasted.

  4. Brown Bear decaf is better than others I’ve tried but I really wish we could have a Swiss Water version of La Vida!

  5. This is a lovely decaf that has really made it into my favourite of coffees. Lovely and smooth.

  6. A really great decaf, 100% arabica, smooth and chocolate-y taste, very nice!

  7. One of the best decaf coffees I’ve had and I have to stress that decaf is normally seen as inferior or not as good as regular. This to me is probably better and it’s got the added benefit of not having chemicals in it to remove the caffeine. Happy boy!

  8. Tried this coffee and then went back to an old one that we used to buy from Waitrose. Can honestly taste the difference and now I’m back to drinking Brown Bear as the taste is definitely worth it, even though the price is slightly more, but not by much. The taste is kinda chocolately and it goes really nicely with milk or occasionally I’ve had it black. Very smooth and not bitter.

  9. Another fan of this decaf coffee, no bitterness and just right in the evening when you get a craving for coffee.

  10. This is the only decaf I like to drink now as its super smooth and still has some body in it.

  11. Best decaf I’ve tried and I’ve tried, well……A LOT!

  12. Hope I’m not sounding too much like an advert for Brown Bear but this coffee, regardless of whether decaf or not, is just really, really good! So smooth and we enjoy it often in the evenings with friends.

  13. This coffee has saved me. I cut caffeine and various other nasties out of my diet several months ago and coffee has been on of the hardest things to let go – not for the boost, but for the taste and sheer comfort of a nice hot mug of rich coffee. I was under the impression that decaf’ was always going to be a complete let down based on my experiences with instant decaffeinated coffee.
    I received an aeropress and a bag of Cool Brazil decaff for my birthday last month and it has been brilliant to be drinking full flavoured, freshly brewed coffee again.
    This is a mild, smooth coffee with very nice chocolately hints.

  14. This coffee is gorgeous. I’m pregnant at the moment so have to keep caffeine to a minimum and I have to say I am pretty attached to my daily dose of cool Brazil now!!!

  15. Very nice, and have to say that I used to pay a lot more for the other Waitrose swiss water decaf that we were drinking!

  16. Lovely decaf coffee…nice in the evenings!!

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