Latest Coffees

We aim to have one of the largest permanent set of coffees of any Roastery and in that push we have in 2021 grown our range by 5 coffees so far with a further two being put together. Please enjoy these coffees all different to the other in our large and growing range.

About Brown Bear Coffee

From bean to bag, Brown Bear makes sure that your coffee is packed with flavour and has been sourced responsibly.

5% of our sales go to Free the Bears UK.

Since the birth of the Free the Bears Charity in 1995, sanctuaries have been built in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Centuries old traditions which had long been using bears as commodities have been challenged and abolished. Through the work of this charity, they have been able to give hundreds of bears a life of tranquillity and peace, free from pain and suffering.

Free the Bears