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The new Cub in town

Cub October

A caffeine shot to remember.

 Spike up for those long energetic days with the young ones.   

Every month, we select one of our fantastic coffees that we hope you will try! This month we would love you to try our Cub Espresso. It's a great coffee with a bold flavour, we recommend that you enjoy it with milk as a latte or cappuccino, the strength comes through nicely and you never feel like it's just a mug of warm milk. 

Use Code CUBTastic25 at the checkout for 25% OFF or just follow the Cub October link. 


Our Brown Bear® Cub Espresso is a smooth easy going coffee, great with cappuccinos and lattes. This blend contains South American and African coffees with a portion of Vietnamese and Indian Robusta finishing that North Italian style espresso. The power to push through the milk.