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Real Colombia, our 2020 coffee!

The 2020

Get involved with our Colombia

Our Real Colombian coffee was last years favorite (in-house) 

Every month, we select one of our fantastic coffees that we hope you will try! This month we would love you to try our Real Colombia. It's a truly wonderful coffee with a ton of unique flavors, including toasted caramel and toffee apple sweetness. We have been enjoying this one since it was introduced quite a few years ago and this happens to be our 2020 fav!

Use Code 20204REAL25 at the checkout for 25% OFF or just follow the THE 2020 link for this to be automatically applied, this discount works for the entire Real Colombia range. 


Our Brown Bear® Real Colombia is one of our single origin coffees which uses 100% Arabica coffee beans. This coffee offers up some complex notes of toffee apple and marzipan. The body is rich with Roasted Hazelnut and a clean caramel finish. You can expect a medium body with great acidity. Colombia is famous for its coffee.