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  • Great coffee there before you know it. The coffee tastes great, the delivery is so quick, I'm not sure how it's even possible. Highly recommended.
    Ryan FulfordDelighted Customer
  • Absolutely fabulous. I've put the instant coffee in the bin.
    Anne DurrantDelighted Customer
  • This is my third time ordering from Brown Bear. Their coffee is delicious and their customer service is great...great reward scheme and discounts, and speedy delivery.
    RebeccaDelighted Customer
  • We tried various different online coffee shops to buy our beans from, and after we found brown bear with their loyalty scheme and amazing coffee we instantly stopped ordering from the others! Great customer service too and speedy responses.
  • Good service...Great tasting coffee. Even the decaf is amazing!
    S MasonDelighted Customer
  • My beans arrived really quickly, were well packaged and taste amazing. Even the prices are good. I honestly have no complaints and plan on using Brown Bear from now on!
    Ailsa RichardsonDelighted Customer
  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    An awesome all rounder for those who love their coffees dark! Can’t get enough of Mambo Italiano……….thanks Brown Bear!

  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Can’t get enough of Mambo Italiano! Always have it to kickstart my day and boy does it do a good job. Also great as a preworkout before hitting the gym 🙂

  • Brown Bear Original Blend Beans 227g

    Original Blend Coffee

    I’m relatively new to the world of “real coffee ” having drunk (dare I say it) instant coffee for years.
    I got my first bean to Cup machine at Christmas and spent weeks reading reviews on what’s the best bean to buy. I quickly came across the brown bear name on a coffee review website. My first purchase was a tin of Christmas blend beans, what can I say… Wow..! It was the exact flavour I had been looking for. As this was a special edition I wrote to brown bear who very quickly got back to me, telling me that the original blend would be very close as it has a similar roasting process.
    I placed the order for my first bag of original blend and im hooked. By far the best I’ve tasted. Some may say I’ve not tried x, y or z. But I’m of the “if it isn’t broken, don’t fix it” camp. So providing brown bear keep making it, I will keep buying it!
    6/5 stars

  • Brown Bear Mambo Italiano Coffee

    Mambo Italiano Coffee

    This is by far my favourite coffee, having tried many different beans from multiple companies. It’s rich and punchy without being overbearing. Perfect as espresso but also in milky drinks so everyone is happy!

  • Brown Bear Coffee Selection Subscription

    Coffee Subscription

    Comes very quickly each month and I like the fact that I can pay as I go. Of course the coffee is delicious.

  • Brown Bear Coffee Selection Subscription

    Coffee Subscription

    After looking at a few options available on the internet, we came across Brown Bear. Great reviews and nice website, so we decided to give them a go. Right from the outset, they’ve performed really well…answering our initial query very quickly and politely. We then received our first delivery and the coffee is fresh, flavoursome and came extremely quickly, which is always a bonus. Overall we will stay with Brown Bear as there is something for all tastes and times of the day. Changing your coffee is pretty easy (it replaces your existing subscription) and payment is smooth and hassle free. 5 Stars!

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