Light-Medium Roast Bundle


by Brown Bear Coffee

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The Brown Bear Light Medium Roast Bundle! 

Pick up some of our top light-medium roast coffees, find your favourites quickly and save a little too. This bundle contains 3x 227g packs with a variety of complex medium roast coffees.

5% of sales donated to Free the Bears UK Charity with over 950 bears rescued & bear sanctuaries across SE Asia. £15,887 donated to Free The Bears since 2020.

Breakfast Blend Blue Mountain Blend Mount Kenya

Roast Strength: Light Roast - 1

Roast Strength: Medium Dark Roast - 3 Roast Strength: Medium Roast - 3
Brazil, Uganda Brazil Mogiana, Colombia Huila, Costa Rica Kenya
High Caffeine Coffee Fan Favourite Coffee Single Origin Coffee


Breakfast Blend

Our Brown Bear® Breakfast Blend is a light and mild traditional coffee. It’s a perfect pick me up in the morning as the caffeine in this lighter roast will be notable. It’s not too strong either so you can appreciate the malty and nutty flavours brought forward by the Brazillian coffee beans and the rich full-bodied robusta.

Blue Mountain Blend

Our Brown Bear® Blue Mountain blend is a fan favourite inspired by the famous Blue Mountains of Jamaica. It offers up a satisfying full flavour all-day coffee with sweet and malty flavours in abundance. Just a bit of milk will tease out the caramel and toffee characteristics. A fruity blend that is deserving of attention. It’s a 100% Arabica Costa Rican Blend.

Mount Kenya

Our Brown Bear Mount Kenya is the epitome of fruity zesty coffees. Grown at 2000 metres above sea level, in the shadow of the foothills of Mount Kenya with its rich volcanic soil, terroir and varietals, this is classic Kenyan coffee at its finest. As one of our favourite coffees in the world, expect bright, citric acidity, stone fruit sweetness and a clean cup finish.


Amazingly fresh coffee beans
Brown Bear’s freshly roasted coffee beans are packed and heat-sealed into our coffee bags to keep the beany goodness and flavour inside.

Freshly ground coffee
Our fresh, pre-ground coffee is a simple, convenient option if you don’t have a home grinder. The coffee grind coarseness (our Omni grind) is perfect for cafetiéres (French press), drip filters and can also be used in the Aeropress, Moka pots and coffee percolators. We’d always recommend whole beans for absolute freshness but if you do opt for pre-ground, it’s always best to keep them in an airtight container, away from light and use them as quickly as possible.

About Brown Bear Coffee

From bean to bag, Brown Bear makes sure that your coffee is packed with flavour and has been sourced responsibly.

5% of our sales go to Free the Bears UK.

Since the birth of the Free the Bears Charity in 1995, sanctuaries have been built in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Centuries old traditions which had long been using bears as commodities have been challenged and abolished. Through the work of this charity, they have been able to give hundreds of bears a life of tranquillity and peace, free from pain and suffering.

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