Family Mug | A Quality Gift


by Brown Bear Coffee


About six months ago, we posted a photo on Instagram of a similar mug with our logo for a marketing campaign, and the response was pretty clear.

Our coffee-loving customers wanted that very mug!

This presented a bit of a problem as we only had, like...1 and mugs are expensive unless you purchase 30,000 at a time and although we have a substantial following, we can only dream of having that many Bear Members.

As not to disappoint our faithful Bear followers, we had to find a way!

Half a year later, we finally have 240 limited edition premium mugs available.

When purchased get in touch and redeem a 25% discount on three orders using a coffee subscription.

  • Get in touch after receipt of your mug, and we will give you a 25% off code that will last for your next three subscription orders!
  • Dishwasher safe and hard-wearing.
  • 400ml Coffee capacity.
  • 5% of sales donated to Free the Bears. 
  • Give the mug a clean before using.

5% of sales donated to Free the Bears UK Charity with over 950 bears rescued & bear sanctuaries across SE Asia. £13,848 donated to Free The Bears since 2020.

About Brown Bear Coffee

From bean to bag, Brown Bear makes sure that your coffee is packed with flavour and has been sourced responsibly.

5% of our sales go to Free the Bears UK.

Since the birth of the Free the Bears Charity in 1995, sanctuaries have been built in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. Centuries old traditions which had long been using bears as commodities have been challenged and abolished. Through the work of this charity, they have been able to give hundreds of bears a life of tranquillity and peace, free from pain and suffering.

Free the Bears