The Brown Bear Coffee Experience

We are committed to freshly roasting the best coffee at really great prices. All our coffee is sourced, roasted and packed using best seasonally selected coffee beans at our BRC accredited roastery in the UK. The customer service that we provide is key to our success and we aim to respond to any question within 24 hours.


Brown Bear was born, quite simply out of a genuine love for coffee and we wanted to make sure that the rest of the world could enjoy it too. The little brown bear cub that you’ll find on each one of our products is a symbol of unmatched quality and reassurance of care and attention that has gone into producing it.

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You’re probably just like us and love your coffee. The smell, the taste, the ‘kick’ – it’s all about the whole coffee experience. Brown Bear is about making that experience even more special with delicious, flavoursome coffees that we know you’ll just love.


We put all our effort into making every cup of Brown Bear that you enjoy, the most delicious and special coffee you’ve ever tasted. If ever you feel let down by the quality of our coffee, we promise to do our very best in making it right.

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Discover Brown Bear Coffee

From bean to bag, Brown Bear makes sure that your coffee is packed with flavour and has been sourced responsibly.